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How to Verify a Professional's License in Waterbury?

Before hiring a professional in Waterbury, you should always confirm the individual's license status, as this will reduce your chances of hiring the wrong professional. The Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) is responsible for issuing over 30 categories of professional licenses to eligible individuals in Waterbury. These licenses include, but are not limited to, electrical licenses, engineering licenses, plumbing and pipefitting licenses, and contractor licenses. You can confirm your professional's license status using the DCP's license lookup tool. In addition to confirming your professional's license status, you should also ensure that the individual applies for and obtains the necessary permits for the job. For example, you need to get a building permit before carrying out a home improvement or construction work in Waterbury. The Waterbury Department of Inspections is responsible for issuing permits for home improvement or construction work in the city. All queries concerning permit information can be directed to the department by calling (203) 574-6832.

Do Waterbury Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

There are over 14 registered neighborhood associations in Waterbury and they do not issue permits for home improvement or construction work. Neighborhood associations are typically created by people living or working in the same neighborhood to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. In most cases, neighborhood associations encourage residents to volunteer or donate towards a community program that is beneficial to everyone residing in the neighborhood. For example, the East Mountain Neighborhood Association's buy a brick program is an initiative to raise funds for the construction of a new walkway along the neighborhood's park. Residents can participate in raising the money for the walkway by buying or paying for a brick. Most neighborhood associations in Waterbury also ensure the cleanliness of their various neighborhoods. In June 2021, the South End Neighborhood Association participated in the front porch program, which involved residents and members of the association cleaning their porches, sidewalks, streets, and front yards.

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How Do You File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Waterbury?

Waterbury's unfair business complaints are handled and resolved by the Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection. There are two ways to file an unfair business complaint with the department. One on hand, you can file your complaint online. However, this option requires you to create a user account first. To create this user account, click on the register icon on the department's online complaint webpage and fill out the necessary details. On the other hand, residents of Waterbury can also file an unfair business complaint with the department by downloading, completing, and mailing a consumer complaint form to:

  • State of Connecticut
  • Department of Consumer Protection
  • 450 Columbus Boulevard
  • Suite 901
  • Hartford, CT 06103

The Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection investigates every complaint it receives to determine how best to resolve the complaint. Depending on the nature of your complaint, the department can focus on mediating between you and the business, correcting illegal practices, taking enforcement actions, or establishing penalties. However, residents must understand that the department can not act as their legal representative. You must also understand that filing a matter with the department does not guarantee that you will recover your money. Nonetheless, residents of Waterbury have the option of taking civil action against a business if they wish to recover their money. You can sue for money damages of $5,000 or less in a small claims court, and these types of matters can be filed at:

  • New Haven Judicial District
  • 235 Church Street
  • New Haven, CT 06510

Lastly, if your complaint also involves criminal offenses, you can report the business to the Waterbury Police Department by calling (203) 574-6911.